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 Classes, coaching, and photography for actors


If you’re a stunt performer looking to pick up more stunt acting roles, this is your chance to get involved in a unique, affordable 4-week workshop designed specifically to give you the tools you need to tackle auditions and speaking parts with confidence. 

My approach is simple, powerful, and designed to sidestep all of the acting class “mysticism” and get right to the practical work of understanding the audition process and creating honest, in-the-moment performances. 

Over the course of four weeks actors do two scenes with different partners, tailored to the kinds of roles stunt performers see most. There’s no desk work and nothing to take home – everything is done right in class. 

Weeks 1 and 3: Script analysis. In these weeks you’re going to take a hands-on approach to pulling meaning, motivation, and nuance from short scenes, and then applying those insights to exploring your strongest available choices. 

Weeks 2 and 4: Performance adjustments. In these weeks you’re going to have an opportunity to perform your scenes, combining what you learned in the previous week of script analysis with a simple, powerful approach to creating compelling, believable moments. 

This is not your typical acting class! I’m not an actor teaching people what’s worked for me. I’m a director, coach, and casting insider developing an informed approach to teaching actors that frees them to tell the story subjectively. I’m passionately interested in helping performers of all kinds develop their confidence and craft, and I think it shows in the experience of the hundreds upon hundreds of actors I’ve auditioned, directed, and photographed over the years. 

When: Sundays, 7pm to 10pm- Starting Sunday March 11 
Where: Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw Street 
Rate: 200 for all four weeks (20% off the regular rate of 250) 

To secure your spot for the first month of classes please EMT me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To learn more about me or my work visit www.chrisframptonactors.com

Classes, coaching, and photography for actors