Climbing Sutra Stunt Harness Disinfection Process

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After weeks of research and testing we are pleased to have found a safe, reliable system for disinfecting Climbing Sutra stunt harnesses. It is the ThermalStrike Ranger Heating System available on Amazon (or directly from us). The Ranger uses a patented six-sided heating system to disinfect at temperatures compatible with our harnesses and proven to destroy the coronavirus. We encourage all our customers in the entertainment industry who will be required to disinfect harnesses to purchase one (or several, as required). 


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The Ranger is double insulated product with a sealed enclosure that is sized to hold a suitcase. The system consumes less than 350 Watts, allowing several to be connected from a standard 110V outlet for North American markets. The Ranger has CE certification for product safety in both 110V and 220V models. For immediate use in high voltage countries (220V), however, the manufacturer recommends a step-down transformer voltage converter such as the one shown here


Climbing Sutra stunt and acrobatic harnesses (made from nylon and dyneema fibers, etc.) are porous, that is, they can absorb water, sweat, blood, etc. As such, All SURFACE disinfecting treatments will be ineffective. Any chemicals sprayed or wiped on the surface, or any UV light used will NOT penetrate completely inside of the webbing, fabric or foam. Any chemical solution that wets the harness can leave behind residue that can cause severe allergic reactions for the user and/or damage the harness itself, leading to failure of the harness! 

DO NOT use chemical disinfectants or UV light on Climbing Sutra harnesses. Use of these products will void all Climbing Sutra warranties! 

The only commercially available method we have found to date that is safe and effective for disinfecting Climbing Sutra harnesses is the use of a DRY heating system. The pest control industry has been using this technology for over 10 years for thermal remediation of bed bugs. We have tested the ThermalStrike Ranger and have been impressed with the ease of use, temperature controls, and overall quality of the product. ThermalStrike is currently working with the FDA for emergency-use-authorization to disinfect respirators for healthcare workers with over 60 facilities using the Ranger daily for disinfection of N95 masks for COVID-19. 

The ThermalStrike Ranger is amazing for the price. Capable of disinfecting 2-3 harnesses (a single stunt person’s ‘kit’) in a two-hour time cycle. Or up to twelve harnesses (about all that will fit in the unit) in an eight-hour cycle. The maximum heat generated by the bag (170F, 76C) cannot damage the harnesses (failsafe by design) but will destroy Covid 19. The ThermalStrike Ranger is the only product we approve at this time. 

WARNING!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT to disinfect harnesses with ovens, clothes dryers, heat guns, hair dryers, steamers, clothes irons or microwaves (or any other heat generating appliance). These methods have very poor heat control and can DAMAGE or DESTROY the harness. Doing so will void all Climbing Sutra warranties and will likely cause the harness to fail resulting in serious injury or death. 



Place the harness (or up to 12 harnesses) in the Ranger. You can leave harnesses in their storage bags to keep them separate. Close and zipper the top keeping the unit upright. 

Turn on the switch. Selecting 2 hours for 1-2 harnesses, 4 hours for up to 4 harnesses or 8 hours for up to 12 harnesses. That’s it. 

You can place the included temperature sensor inside a harness to confirm the minimum disinfecting temperature of 133°F (56°C). The Ranger will shut off at the selected time. Note: the Ranger is NOT a clothes dryer. If harnesses go in wet or damp, they will come out hot, disinfected but still wet or damp! To clean Climbing Sutra harnesses always follow our standard instructions of hand washing in warm water with mild detergent soap. NO CHEMICALS OR BLEACH!!! Then hang to dry. After harnesses are clean and dry, the ThermalStrike Ranger can be used for daily disinfecting for Covid 19. 

We welcome any and all questions or feedback. Please check our website for more information and updates. Thank you everyone for your patience and suggestions


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