Frequently Asked Questions


StuntList FAQs

1. What is
Stuntlist is a Canadian database of World Class Stunt Professionals

2. How do I get on the Stuntlist?
To be eligible for FULL STUNTLIST membership, you are required to be a member of a performer union in good standing, with a minimum of six(6) union STUNT credits. To be eligible for APPRENTICE  membership, you are required to be a member of a performer union in good standing, with at least one(1) union STUNT credits, five references are required. If you can meet these requirements please register online and send us your headshot & resume with your name, address, height, weight and all of your contact information that you would like to be posted on the stuntlist. Again you can REGISTER online or send us your info at e-mail or mail it to Loose Horse Productions Ltd. , 18872 - 122 Avenue, Pitt Meadows, BC, V3Y 2K6.

3. Is stuntlist a union or an agency?
The stuntlist is NOT a union or an agency. All of the Stuntlist professionals are union members.

4. Once I'm on the stuntlist, am I guaranteed stunt work?
STUNTLIST does NOT guarante you any work.  In fact ALL established well known stunt professionals have to work hard to stay active in the film business. As a new stunt performer you will have to work extremely hard ie: training constantly, building your skills, networking, volunteering ie; helping out stunt coordinators on set, keeping headshots and resumes up to date. Be a positive, patient, safe and focused person.

5. Why should I be on the Stuntlist database?

All of the stunt coordinators and the stunt community will know that you are a union stunt performer and are seriously pursuing, traing for stunt work. The online Stuntlist website will display your profile:  headshot, resumes, demo reel and character photos. Keep up-to-date with the online stunt community.  

6. What does it cost to be on the Stuntlist?
There is an $150.00/yr + plus GST = $157.50.00 per year Stuntlist membership fee for Coordinators & Stunt Performers. Stunt Riggers membership - $75.00 GST = $78. 75. Apprentice members $100.00 GST = $105.00. Once you have registered an been approved, paying your membership will active your profile for stunt coordinators to find and hire you. You can pay with credit card, PayPal, E-Trans to or send your cheque or money order payable to: Loose Horse Productions Ltd., 18872 - 122nd Avenue, Pitt Meadows, BC, V3Y 2K6.  Include your name, address, email address with all contact info with your payment, thank-you. ALL UNPAID members profiles will not be accessible by Stunt Coordinators or other performers.