Finding an acting teacher is as individual as finding a doctor or trainer. Connection counts. So do results. Too many training actors confuse 'liking' their instructor with progress in developing acting skills. The test is pretty simple - do you book more, or less? If the student isn't booking more, the training, even if very enjoyable, will not help them meet their career goals. Luckily there are a lot of teachers in town. The odds are very good that everyone can find someone who can really help them. A measure of a good teacher is their own professional experience. The best instructors most often have acted themselves. In Vancouver this includes some of the following schools and instructors:

Act Vancouver - Patrick Sabongui

Actor’s Foundry - Mathew Harrison

Ben Ratner Haven Studio

Ingrid Torrance

Lori Triolo - The Art of Acting

Railtown Actors Studio - John Cassini, Kerry Sandomirsky & Kate Twa

Vancouver Acting School

Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts) - Chilton Crane