Concussion Information

Concussion Awareness, Response, and Management for the Motion Picture, Film, & Live Performance Industries

Concussion Awareness, response, and management

The entertainment production community, working with the BC Injury Research and Prevention Unit, is happy to make the Concussion Awareness Training Tool’s (CATT) Concussion Awareness flowchart available for employers, supervisors, and workers in B.C’s arts and entertainment industries.

This flowchart outlines a pathway that should be followed to respond to and manage a suspected concussion to workers specifically in the motion picture, television, performing arts, and live events industries. Especially beneficial for stunt performers, this pathway outlines red flags, concussion signs and symptoms, and treatment suggestions.

For more information on concussions, and to learn more about CATT, please visit


Concussion Resources for Motion Picture, Film, and Live Performance Workers

This concussion resource package is specifically designed and intended for workers in the Motion Picture, Film, and Live Performance industry, including First Aid Attendants, Supervisors, Department Heads, Production Teams, Stunt Coordinators, Dance Choreographers, Performers, and all other industry workers. This package aims to standard concussion recognition and management in performance based industries to decrease the risk of brain damage and potentially reduce long-term health issues associated with concussions.

Concussion ResourcesThis information package is full of everything you, your family, co-workers and employers need to help recognise and manage potential concussions.

This package includes:

  • Industry specific concussion protocols

  • What you need to know about concussions

  • Questions to ask your doctor

  • Medical Assessment & Clearance Letter templates

  • Information on how to return to work, activity, sports & school

  • Managing mental health symptoms


For more information, resources, sport specific protocols and concussion awareness training, please visit the Concussion Awareness Training Tool Website

If you have questions, need help, or know someone who needs help, please contact Lori Stewart for assistance:


*The above information has proven helpful for some members of the stunt community when dealing with concussions.  They are listed here for your reference and convenience only.  StuntList does not *endorse or make any specific recommendations about the provision of medical care.  Always follow your health professional's advice.

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