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THE LEO AWARDS ARE NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES FOR OUR 2022 EDITION! Entry Deadline: January 17, 2022 For all programs completed between January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021 To enter, learn more about our Submissions process , including 2022 Rules and Regulations , please visit our website . NOTEWORTHY: NEW AND NEWER CATEGORIES FOR 2022! The LEO AWARDS have announced another NEWER category for 2022: NEWER Choreography - Television Movie Choreography - Dramatic Series NEW The Choreography Category is comprised of a maximum of 3 individual Entrants with on-screen credits. Choreographers are tasked with

The Reel Stunt Driving School | January 22/23

THE REEL STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT: Two Day Class - January 22/23, 2022! Hello Stunt community, I would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the The Reel Stunt Driving School in 2021. We ended it with a bang - with guest instructors Mike Mitchell and Gaston Morrison providing their experience. It was a pleasure teaching a full class of new and returning students. The Reel Stunt Driving School will be hosting its first class of 2022. Join us for our 2-day class on Saturday, January 22 and Sunday, January 23 in Mission. You have the option of joining us for one or both days

UBC Indigenous Student Film - Stunt Coordinator Search

Stunt Coordinator Search House After, a UBC Indigenous student film, is seeking a Stunt Coordinator for small “fight” scene (pushing/shoving) as required by UBC. Details/Requirements: Stunt: Small "fight" scene (pushing/shoving) Location: Museum of Anthropology at UBC Shooting Dates: January 15 – 17 (The stunt coordinator would only be needed for one of those days - that will be finalized once they know the shooting schedule.) If interested, please contact Tasheal Gill at

Protect Our Child Performers' Income

ISSUE: In the late 1990s, the provincial government implemented a regulation that requires producers to save a portion of child performers’ earnings to the Public Guardian and Trustee (PGT). Since that time, parents and guardians across BC have lost confidence in the PGT and share concerns regarding the high fees that are charged, the lack of transparency and issues with communications. PLAN: UBCP/ACTRA is calling on the provincial government to amend the Employment Standards Regulation so that child performers and their guardians can have their income protected by ACTRA PRS Minors’ Trust,

Cupid - Stunt Coordinator Search

Stunt Coordinator Search Cupid (Short) is seeking a Stunt Coordinator to work with actors from the Netflix show Sabrina, and professional crew. Short is Valentine's thriller (Riverdale x You) Details/Requirements: Stunts: Talent falling out of a closet , and another talent sliding down 3 - 5 steps of stairs. Location: Downtown Vancouver Rehearsal Date: December 17th Filming Dates: December 18th - 20th Stunt Date: December 20th If available, please contact Producer Ryan Cheng at

Grease - Multi Stunt Performer Search - No Reply

Stunt Performer Search Grease (Rise of the Pink Ladies) is seeking stunt performers for various roles on various dates. The roles are listed below: Role: Gymnasts Age: Teen to Young Adult Gender: Any Ethnicity: Any Role: Cheerleading Experts Age: Teen to Young Adult Gender: Any Ethnicity: Any Role: Puppeteers Age: Any Gender: Any Ethnicity: Any Role: Dancers Age: Teen to Young Adult Gender: Any Ethnicity: Any Rehearsal Dates: Possibly December and January Shooting Dates: January 23 to June 2022 If you meet the above, please send resume , sizes, headshots and videos to Stunt Coordinator Crystal

Shōgun - Stunt Performer Search

Stunt Performer Search Shōgun is looking for Japanese stunt riders or stunt riders of other Asian ethnicity . *Please do not apply if not of Asian decent and look of Asian decent. Must be able to gallop in formation (among many other horses) with a good level of control and proficiency . Preferably NOT just in a straight line or in an enclosed arena. *If you rode a horse twice when you were 6 please do not apply. Details/ Requirements Summary : Japanese Stunt Riders or Stunt Riders of Other Asian Ethnicity Male or Female Ability to Gallop (with control and proficiency) Outside dates are

The Reel Stunt Driving School - Final Course of 2021

*SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11* THE REEL STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT: Last One of the Year! The Reel Stunt Driving School's hosting its final 2021 Stunt Driving Course at Mission Raceway on Saturday, December 11 . Space is limited. Track doors open at 8:30am. There are a couple of options for those interested: 1. There are 5 rental cars available for students. 2. There are 5 spots for students with their own car. 3. Additionally, I will be offering an opportunity for an additional 10 drivers, with their own vehicle, to practice their skills while working through various scenarios with or without

Stunt Performer/Actor Search

Seeking South East Asian/Middle Eastern Male or Females that are or look between the ages of 16 to 25 years old . Strong acting skills required. Details/ Requirements : South East Asian/Middle Eastern Male or Female No Height or Weight requirements Looks or is between 16 to 25 years old Located in Vancouver at the CMPP studio Outside dates are between February 11th - 22nd If you meet these requirements and are available, please send information and headshots to Stunt Department Assistant Krista Longhurst at or contact (418) 955-9924. Stunt Coordinator - Jeff Aro

Attention Stunt Community Members & Aspiring Stunt Performers

ATTENTION: Stunt Community Members & Aspiring Stunt Performers The UBCP/ACTRA Stunt Committee is holding a virtual “Stunt Performer Orientation Course” on Saturday, November 27, 2021 – 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Watch this short video introduction to the course. Details: This full day course (8 hrs) is intended to orient new, and recently established stunt performers who have the drive, desire and aptitude to pursue a career in stunts. The course content will include stunt performer etiquette , responsibilities , health and safety issues , BCMPA language , and stunt history . The course instructors