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What's New at StuntList Western Canada

Picnic Table for Fallen Colleagues at Mammoth Studio (Grab some lunch & stop by)

Hey StuntList Members! Hope this finds you all well, happy, & healthy. We wanted to share this amazing picnic table, dedicated to our fallen colleagues Joi "SJ" Harris, Natasha Dennis, and Clay Virtue. This spot is perfect for lunch, to share some memories, stories, laughs or just to enjoy the summer weather! If you’re visiting from out of town or passing by Mammoth Studio’s (off Lake City Way near the bridge walkway), stop by and enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy your journey! Kind regards Dave M StuntList

Saturday May 8th - UBCP/ACTRA Stunt Coordinator Unconscious Bias Training

This training is for this Saturday May 8th for Stunt community members who are actively working, or trying to work as Stunt Coordinators here in BC Stunt Coordinator Unconscious Bias Training with Alden E. Habacon About Alden Alden E. Habacon is one of Canada’s leading diversity and inclusion strategists and facilitators. He is well known in this field and highly regarded for his fourteen years of impact, and his innovative work around inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and intercultural training. He works with a wide range of professions and sectors throughout Canada, including the legal

Stuntlist West - UBCP/ACTRA - Covid Update from Lori Stewart

Hello Stunt Community, Some members are raising questions and concerns about whether or not employers can make vaccines mandatory to work in film . Please read the below article that discusses how things are going in the USA. Our laws will be different here in BC, but like our friends to the south, it will be a waiting game to see if current laws are challenged or if things will change . It is just too early to tell. Currently, an employer in BC cannot require proof of vaccination for COVID-19 . Our union, like all other BC film unions, will be monitoring developments on this issue and in the

Spring Ride - REEL RIDERS - First ride of the season!!

Mark May 2nd off your calendar & come join us for the first ride of the season!! Leaving Barnett Marine Park, heading west to the 2nd Narrows, riding to Porteau Cove then back along Marine Dr. Head over the Lions Gate through Stanley park then along Pacifice to terminal Ave. Terminal Ave to Hwy 1 to Gagliardi Way and ride up over Burnaby Mountain back to Barnett. Head back to the park where I'm hoping to have a Taco Truck waiting for us. Go to www.reelmc.net and RSVP!

Time Update - The Scriptures - Audition for Tomorrow - Monday, April 26

Thank you all for your interest in the Scriptures Movement audition. To avoid congestion and to help achieve the required social distancing requests of our covid management, we would like to break up the arrival times as follows: 10:00 am arrival for people born from Jan to April. 10:30 May to Aug. 11:00 Sep to Dec. Please note this is a simple movement audition to help us gauge who takes to this style of movement. All I can say is avoid looking like a zombie. Follow the TSP signs when you get to the Peacemaker Filmworks parking lot. We look forward to seeing you Monday. The Scriptures Stunt

The Scriptures - Monday April 26 - Audition Notice

The Scriptures - Stunt Department Movement Audition Session Monday, April 26, 2021 @ 10:00am at 201 - 2984 Norland Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5B 3A6 (Peacemaker Filmworks) Auditioning - Male & Female Stunt Performers* Female Stunt Double Role: Asian / Female - 5'4" 100 - 140lbs with strong fight & movement skills ** * For Male & Female Stunt Performer Roles we are checking availability for May 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11 & 12 - but even if you aren't available for these dates there may be future opportunities. ** For Female Stunt Double Role we are checking availability May 3, 4, 6, 20, 25 & 26 + Rehearsals

Submissions for the 2021 Taurus World Stunt Awards

Don't forget to submit your favorite stunts for the 2021 Taurus World Stunt Awards The Submissions Deadline is Friday, March 19, 2021. Please be sure to submit stunts from eligible feature films for consideration. Submissions can be done here . To help you with the submissions process, here are a few FAQs and a reminder about our adjusted eligibility dates and requirements for 2021. Eligibility: In response to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Taurus World Stunt Awards has adjusted some eligibility requirements for the 2021 awards. Eligibility Dates. A film is considered eligible if