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What's New at StuntList Western Canada

The Reel Stunt Driving School - October 15/16/17

THE REEL STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT: October 15 | October 16 | October 17 Hey Stunt Community! So… 4 stunt driving classes so far! Thank you to everyone who has come out to improve your stunt driving skills. It has been a blast, and it is inspiring to see everyone get better as the days go by. The next class will run over three days! When: October 15/16/17 Where: Agassiz Speedway - 5045 Cemetery Road, Agassiz https://www.agassizspeedway.com Set up starts at 8:30 AM , and you will be in the seat from 9AM to 4PM . Nowhere else will you get this kind of seat time. I am excited to keep

UBCP/ACTRA Free OFA Level 1 Training - Few Spots Left!

Occupational First Aid Level One – FREE for UBCP/ACTRA Stunt Community members By popular demand, 2 more courses were added but there are only a few seats left!: Monday Oct 18 th – 1 seat left Friday Oct 29 th – 3 seats left. Location: ACTSAFE – 140—4259 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC Time: 8:45am to 5:30PM Course details : https://www.actsafe. ca/occupational-first-aid- level-one/ Register ASAP: Call ACTSAFE: 604-733-4682 or email info@actsafe.ca Thank you to UBCP/ACTRA for providing this important training for our stunt community members. UBCP/ACTRA is sponsoring this one day course for stunt

The Reel Stunt Driving School - October 2/3

Stunt Driving Course Saturday, October 2 | Sunday, October 3 Hi Stunt Friends - I have some more good news! The Reel Stunt Driving School will be holding another stunt driving class on October 2/3 at Agassiz Speedway - Saturday from 9AM to 3PM , Sunday from 9AM to 4PM . Agassiz Speedway is located at 5045 Cemetery Road, Agassiz, BC . It is an hour and a half drive from Vancouver www.agassizspeedway.com Class is for drivers who have want to up their game. *There are also 5 cars available to rent. Participants need to come prepared with their own car , (or arranged rental) , helmet , extra tires

Do Not Work Notice - HARDSHIP

SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 PRODUCTION NAME: " HARDSHIP" Please be advised that the video game, Hardship , produced by Blackbird Interactive, is not signatory to any UBCP/ACTRA agreement and it is therefore a non-union production. UBCP/ACTRA’s By-laws and ACTRA's Constitution prohibit union members from auditioning for, or working on, any non-union production in recorded media. Union staff are reaching out to the engager in an effort to unionize this production. Accordingly, there are significant consequences for full members, apprentice members, and background members found to be participating in a

UBCP/ACTRA Free OFA Level 1 Training

UBCP/ACTRA is sponsoring this one day course for stunt performers. The course includes information on life-saving techniques and participants will receive a WorkSafeBC OFA1 certificate upon completion. Course Content: rights and responsibilities of the Occupational First Aid Attendant; scene assessment; ABCs (Airway, Breathing, Circulation); wound assessment and treatment; first-aid records; burns; airway obstruction management; respiratory/cardiac arrest management; an introduction to automated external defibrillators (AEDs); instruction on performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Location:

ATTENTION: Last Minute Oceanoid Underwater Training Course

Underwater training course for Stunt Performers SAT AUG 7 & SUN AUG 8, 2021 - Open Water! We are running a last minute underwater training for Stunt Performer course next weekend. Participants are introduced to the risks of working in cold water, and how to prepare and recover safely. In addition they are introduced to STUNT underwater work, water comfort, breath hold, weighting, etc. The workshop is adapted for stunt performers and safety divers in the film and television industry. It helps performers prepare themselves mentally and physically for the challenges of cold water or breath hold.