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    What's New at StuntList Western Canada

    The Reel Stunt Driving School - NEXT CLASS Saturday, March 30th

    THE REEL STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT NEXT CLASS: SATURDAY, MARCH 30th at MISSION RACEWAY From: Rick Pearce Rick and Gaston would like to thank everyone that participated in the Reel Stunt Driving class last month. We look forward to seeing you at the next session! The next class is SATURDAY, MARCH 30th @MISSION RACEWAY Gates Open at 8:00 AM Drivers meeting starts at 8:30 AM Class Description: 8:30-12:15 FOUNDATIONS: For those who want to learn and/or refresh the fundamentals of Precision Stunt Driving for Film and TV. 12:30-16:00 APPLIED SKILLS: We will be taking the FOUNDATIONS skills

    Join Michelle C. Smith for a 6 Week Workshop designed to build your capacity to expertly harness diverse weapons, props, and tools – from Swords, Double Weapons, Rope Darts to Found Weapons – and...

    6-Week Staff Spinning &Creative Combat Bootcamps VANCOUVER CLASSES START FEBRUARY 17! February 17 - March 23 (6 Weeks) Greetings StuntList Community, Ignite your creativity and elevate Your Mastery in this one-of-a-kind journey towards becoming a multifaceted performer Join Michelle C. Smith for a 6 Week Workshop designed to build your capacity to expertly harness diverse weapons, props, and tools – from Swords, Double Weapons, Rope Darts to Found Weapons – and blend them seamlessly into dynamic choreography. (**Designed specially for Stunt Performers & Actors**) STARTS: February 17, 2024 ENDS

    Join Climbing Pioneer and Journeyman Rigger Perry Beckham in Performance Rigging Fundamentals Course

    Join Climbing Pioneer & Journeyman Rigger Perry Beckham in ONE of THREE Upcoming Performance Rigging Fundamentals Courses Course Dates: March 4-8, March 25-29, and April 15-19! "Hello StuntList Community, A big thanks to StuntList and all who have attended my courses and made each one a special success. I tell my students my training is first and foremost about community, culture and attitude and that all the other stuff follows. It’s great to see those values alive and well in each class and in our community! I have three courses left and might not be able to offer anymore till 2025. March 4


    THE REEL STUNT DRIVING SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT SATURDAY - JANUARY 27, 2024 From: Rick Pearce Happy New Year, everyone! I'd like to inform you that the first driving school session of 2024 will take place onJanuary 27. I extend my gratitude to those who supported the Real Stunt Driving School last year. Excitingly, we've partnered with Gaston Morrison from Hard Knock Stunts, a top stunt driver, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our team. Additionally, I'm pleased to welcome Arlana Marie Green, who will assist with our social media promotion. Special thanks to Jasper, Thomas, and Kevin Haaland for

    The 12th Annual UBCP/ACTRA Awards Nominees for Best Stunt Performance have been announced and are listed below!

    Such an amazing group of folks and we here at StuntList would like to congratulate all the amazing stunt performers, stunt coordinators, and every individual that had a part in making these productions possible. Truly amazing work! UBCP/ACTRA Awards 2023 Nominees - Best Stunt Performance Production – The Flash - Negative, Part One Stunt Coordinator - Jon Kralt Stunt Performer - Nilo Ghajar Production – Peter Pan and Wendy Stunt Coordinator - Eli Zagoudakis Stunt Performers - Trevor Addie, Fraser Aitcheson, Chad Bellamy, Marshall Bingham, Curtis Braconnier, Leanne Buchanan, Paul Cheng, Mike