Join Climbing Pioneer and Journeyman Rigger Perry Beckham in Performance Rigging Fundamentals Course

PB course

Join Climbing Pioneer & Journeyman Rigger 
Perry Beckham in ONE of THREE Upcoming Performance Rigging Fundamentals Courses

Course Dates: March 4-8, March 25-29, and April 15-19!

"Hello StuntList Community,

A big thanks to StuntList and all who have attended my courses and made each one a special success. I tell my students my training is first and foremost about community, culture and attitude and that all the other stuff follows. It’s great to see those values alive and well in each class and in our community!

I have three courses left and might not be able to offer anymore till 2025.
  • March 4-8
  • March 25-29
  • April 15-19
I’ve had a number of cancellations in next week's course as candidates take much needed work. Feel free to contact me directly by phone, text or email if you’re interested.

Course Summary:
Performance Rigging Fundamentals Course
 orients aspiring riggers and performers to the rigging systems common to Vancouver’s motion picture industry for flying or motivating objects and performers and; the tools, materials, techniques, terminology and industry best practices to efficiently engineer, assemble, operate and strike such rigging systems in accordance with the WCB Act and the applicable Regulation and Guidelines. Participants can expect to manage a lot of information.

Riggit Services, 8021 Enterprise Street, Burnaby BC, V5A 1V5, (604) 696 1481

Course Description:
This course is comprised of 40 hours of intensive indoor training over five days, is limited to a maximum of 8 participants and will orient participants to the following;
  • Governance for Performance Rigging in the BC motion picture workplace including;
    • Authorities having jurisdiction and relevant legislation
    • Rights and obligations of Employers, Supervisors & Workers
    • Employer (studio/production) policy
    • Key roles and responsibilities for performance rigging with an emphasis on Supervisor responsibilities.
    • Applicable equipment standards, inspection requirements and procedures.
  • Workplace planning, efficient system layout and collaboration with other departments and workers.
  • Hazard/Risk Assessment and management per OHS requirements including Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and appropriate application of the Hierarchy of Hazard Controls.
  • Fall Prevention training using Fall Restraint and appropriate application of the Hierarchy of Fall Protection.
  • Common Performance Rigging tools, equipment, materials and terminology.
  • Performance Rigging system engineering including; anticipated working loads, required safety margins and design factors, system design, material properties and capacity, failure mode analysis, (compound forces) and force limiting.
  • Correct command, control and communications during Performance Rigging operations and filming.
To Register:
Please contact Perry Beckham at (604) 816-4281 or to register.
Participants will be required to provide a scan or photo of an initial copy of the Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability to register for the course.

Payment of $1000 plus 5% GST in full by e transfer is required in advance to secure a place. Cancellation within two weeks will cost 50% of the course fee and cancellation within one week 100%.
ACMG Waiver - required >>