Montreal Driving / Motocross

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MECAGLISSE - Rally Driving Courses

SANAIR - Private Track Rental

  • Can rent the track for private stunt driving practice but best practice is to go through a Montreal stuntie who already has a rapport with the owner. The owner is kind enough to rent the track during his down time/empty slots at a good price but conditions of rental must be respected to maintain the good relationship between him and the Montreal stunt community. Need to come with your own vehicle. Please contact local stunt performers for more details (ie. Stephane Lefevbre, Rodney Alexander, Matt Simard, etc). Find them on Stuntlist East.


  • 5 Tracks of Different Difficulty 
  • Group Prices - Up to 20 people

SRA Motocross - Facebook Page

  • 4 Motocross Circuits

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