GRINGA | Canadian Premier | Whistler Film Festival | December 3/4 | Marny Eng & EJ Foerster




Big News! Stunt Community Member, Marny Eng, co-directs and co-produces with EJ Foerster on their first project together. Their film, titled Gringa, will be having its Canadian Premiere at the Whistler Film Festival! 

Grab your tickets today and show your support at Whistler’s Village 8 Cinemas on Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4!


Marge Bickford (Jess Gabor) navigates the halls of her high school and the chalked lines of its soccer field with the same sense of failure and dread. Life is passing her by and she doesn’t seem to mind…until the death of her nearly perfect mother (Judy Greer).
With no place to live anymore, it seems like she is destined to join her ultra conservative grandparents in Arizona.

Marge runs away to find her estranged father, a faded ex soccer star hiding out and coaching a rag tag women’s futbol team in rural Mexico. When he is not surfing, he drinks too much. Steve Zahn was made to play this role of the well-meaning, but clueless vagabond ex-pat. He means no harm, but seems ill-equipped to handle the responsibilities of normal adulthood. In fact, he is probably far less mature than his unhappy daughter. The film becomes a funny and heart-warming journey as the two learn that a family can be put back together, even if all you have are the missing pieces. Shot in a small village on Mexico’s central west coast. Along with EJ Foerster (US), co-director Marny Eng and DOP Peter Wilke are BC natives from Vancouver. This is a truly Pan-North American production.

Winner-Audience Award  |  Breckenridge Film Festival
Winner-Lady’s Kick Butt Award  |  Lady Filmmaker’s Film Festival


Saturday, December 3rd, 8:00pm @ Village 8 Cinemas - Theatre 7
Sunday, December 4th, 8:00pm @ Village 8 Cinemas - Theatre 2


Year: 2022
Runtime: 103 minutes
Language: English
Country: United States
Premiere: Canadian Premiere
Director: EJ Foerster, Marny Eng
Producer: Eric Hedayat
Cinematographer: Peter Wilke
Original Score: Timothy Williams
Editor: Craig Lewandowski, Nancy Richardson
Executive Producer: J Kenneth Tate
Writer: Patrick Hasburgh
Cast: Steve Zahn, Roselyn Sanchez, Judy Greer, Jorge A. JImenez, Jess Gabor
Rating: Not Rated


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