West Supervisor

Anyone in our community: "who instructs, directs and controls workers in the performance of their duties"[1] are all considered "Supervisors" under the Provincial laws of B.C.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Stunt Coordinators
  • Assistant or aspiring Stunt Coordinators
  • Apprentice Stunt Coordinators of Ultra Low Budget Productions ( ULBs )
  • Key Riggers
  • Fight Choreographers
  • Movement Coaches
  • Dance Choreographers

ActSafe Courses For Stunt Coordinators, Assistant & Apprentice Stunt Coordinators, Key Stunt Riggers, Choreographers:

ActSafe Resources for Supervisors: 

Fire Safety & Extinguisher Training:


[1] WorkSafeBC - Roles, Rights and Responsibilities -Supervisors