West Supervisor

All Coordinators are considered "Supervisors" under the Provincial laws of B.C. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Stunt Coordinators
  • Assistant or aspiring Stunt Coordinators
  • Key Riggers
  • Fight Choreographers
  • Movement Coaches
  • Dance Choreographers

Anyone in our community

"who instructs, directs and controls workers in the performance of their duties"[1]

are all considered "Supervisors" under the Provincial laws of B.C.



 Occupational Health & Safety Part 1

 Incident Investigations  

Supervisor OH&S Responsibilities Part 1 

Supervisor OH&S Responsibilities Part 2

 Understanding & Conducting Risk Assessments 


FEDERAL Supervisor OH&S Responsibilities Part 1

FEDERAL Supervisor OH&S Responsibilities Part 2

 SUPERVISOR COURSES” (Stunt Coordinators, Key Riggers, etc.)

Occupational Health & Safety Level 1 (OH&S Level 1) - 8 hrs. COST : $115
This introductory OH&S course introduces the basic principles of workplace health & safety.
Learn the legal responsibilities, duties and functions of the Joint OH&S Committee. 
Learn about health & safety legislation (Prov. & Fed.), workplace parties' rights & responsibilities.
Be updated on changes to health and safety legislation.
Learn about principles of workplace assessment and control strategies.
Locate existing health & safety resources.

Occupational Health & Safety Level 2 - (*prerequisite OH&S Level 1) – 8 hrs. COST: $115
Learn about Human Health, Routes of Entry and Musculoskeletal Injures.
Explain Hazard Identification, Assessment & Control principles. (Inspections, Job Safety    Analysis,  Work Procedures and Hazard  Reporting Methods).
Discuss legal requirements (Prov. & Fed.) & elements of an effective Health & Safety Program.
Learn concepts around Hazard & Risk Assessments. Learn hazard control principles, setting priorities, hierarchy of controls & developing recommendations. 

Supervisor Health & Safety Responsibilities - 8 hrs. COST: $115
Supervisors play a critical role in the workplace because they have the authority to oversee the work of others. Supervisors have considerable responsibilities under Occupational Health & Safety Legislation. A supervisor is required to be qualified by knowledge, training and experience in the work they oversee; be familiar with the legislation that applies to their workplace and knowledgeable about actual or potential workplace hazards, so they can in turn advise workers about these hazards.
Discuss legal requirements and responsibilities (Provincial & Federal).
State the supervisor’s role in addressing work refusals and conducting investigations.
Identify the supervisor’s role in conducting workplace inspections.
Learn the principles of demonstration of “due diligence”.

***This program also reviews relevant case law and provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada (Bill C-45) to help participants better identify types of work that are supervisory in nature and their related legal duties, and understand the consequences of non-compliance.

Incident Investigations - 8 hrs. COST: $115
When an incident or "near hit" happens at the workplace an investigation by the employer and the OH&S committee must take place. Incident investigation is a serious matter. It is your responsibility to gather the facts, objectively assess those facts and arrive at appropriate solutions to prevent future incidents. How do you conduct an effective investigation? This course will aim to improve your investigative skills, determine 'root causes' and develop effective recommendations. In this course participants will:  Name legislation requirements (Provincial & Federal) for incident/accident investigations.
Examine the principles of incident causation.
Learn how to conduct a proper investigation by gathering the facts.
Learn how to analyze the results of your investigation & determine contributing factors and root causes.
Learn how to prepare reports and develop effective corrective actions.
Conduct a class incident investigation and put theory to practice.


Understanding & Conducting Risk Assessments - 8 hrs. COST: $115
Legislation requires all employers to assess risk in the workplace in a variety of situations. This course will cover when a risk assessment must be completed and will give participants hands on experience in a variety of different methods of conducting risk assessments. In this course participants will:
Learn about the risk assessment process specific to hazard identification, analyze and evaluate the risk associated with the hazard and determine appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard.
Learn in practical terms that a risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace specific to things that may cause harm to workers.
Summarize hazard prioritization and precautionary principles.
Learn how to generate awareness of hazards and risks.


Motion Picture Safety Awareness  - $25* (+ GST) THIS COURSE is FREE as of Sept 1, 2015!
This 3 hour general safety course is designed specifically for the film and television industry. Requirement to become an associate member with the Directors Guild of Canada. Great for beginners & veterans.

Motion Picture Supervisor Safety  - $25* (+ gst)

This 3 hour course is designed to meet the requirements of supervisor training for the Film and Television industry. Course content includes:
The roles and responsibilities of supervisors under WorkSafeBC OH&S in British Columbia;
Techniques for effective supervision;
Promotion of proactive safety culture in the industry;
The test for Due Diligence;
Where and how to access OH&S information and resources; and Case Studies.

*This course is required for DGC upgrade. 


FIRST AID TRAINING Occupational First Aid Level 1

 ACTSAFE - (*subsidised for film industry workers!)(*subsidised for film industry workers!)

Trauma Tech

St John’s Ambulance

Occupational First Aid Level 2 and 3
Trauma Tech

St John’s Ambulance

*Cardiac Arrest Management (CAM)

*subsidised for film industry workers

Fire Safety & Extinguisher Training
    Justice Institute of BC (not)

Vancouver Fire Services  - 2 hr. group training can be arranged at a location of your choosing. 

Fire Safety - ER Plus Risk Management Group

Firearms Training

Firearm Safety Level 1 - ACTSAFE/Felcan Ent.
Developed & presented by Felcan Enterprises, this 1-day course provides & introduction to Firearm Safety for the entertainment industry. Course covers safe working practices &legislative requirements & is of vital importance for those involved in supervising, planning or working on projects involving firearms
THIS COURSE is FREE as of Sept.1, 2015!

[1] WorkSafeBC - Roles, Rights and Responsibilities -Supervisors